5 Unique Bars in Denver You Didn’t Know About

Denver is home to a variety of dive bars, rooftop bars and hip-hop bars that have been around for years. For all those Denver natives looking for new fresh spots to sip on cocktails and enjoy the company of friends and family, check out these five unique bars you may not know about.

Photo Courtesy: BigTrouble

1. Big Trouble

[endif]-- Located on the mezzanine level in the Zeppelin Station is Big Trouble. This bar is dark and intimate, perfect for date night. Big Trouble is matchless in Denver with its eastern Asian inspired cocktails. Upon arrival head up the stairs and follow the chain of pink neon signs radiating across the bar. The “Fortune Cookie Mai Tai” and the “Blue Hawaii” are the two must-try cocktails on this bar’s wide list of funky cocktails. The “Fortune Cookie Mai Tai” has a sweet and nutty flavor from the combination of sesame and vanilla swirling around the Rum. The best part of the cocktail is the quirky fortunes that come with the cookie. The “Blue Hawaii” is a delicious date night drink, perfect for two. This drink exudes Hawaii with coconut rum flavors, multi-colored paper umbrellas and bright ocean blue colors. Big Trouble is the ultimate destination for a temporary alcohol induced trip to eastern Asia. ![endif]--

Photo Courtesy: Bass Tacks Bar

2. Brass Tacks

[endif]--Brass Tacks is one of the newest bars in Denver created by the owners of Curio at the Denver Central Market. In Lower Downtown Denver, Brass Tacks is sitting on 15th St and Blake St. taking the place of what used to be The Blake Street Vault. Brass Tacks offers an eclectic feel with a table football game corner, 80s movies playing on a large screen, and a beautiful bar with neon backlighting. Brass Tacks has a bachelor pad feeling but swap the PBR for high class specialty cocktails. The bar snacks are higher class than the cheese puffs that would be found in a bachelor pad. The “Chi Chi Dip Duo” is a plate of crunchy chicharrones served with savory chimichurri, sour cream, and salty onion dip. Since Brass Tacks is inhabiting an older building from the 1800s, be sure to ask the bartender about the ghost that haunts its bricks. ![endif]--

Photo Courtesy: Lady Jane Denver

3. Lady Jane

[endif]--In a city full of modern bars with cookie cutter layouts, Lady Jane is a unique bar taking over Denver with a 1960s Palm Springs vibe. This bar is the perfect dwelling for catching up with friends after-work in the Lower Highlands neighborhood. Lady Jane thrives off its inviting lounge and calming atmosphere. The most satisfying drink special is the “Nectar of the Drops,” serving pink grapefruit realness. Just perfect for causal patio season imbibing. The cocktail list changes regularly to fit a different theme, so be sure to ask the bartender. The LoHi neighborhoods is blossoming with new unique bars like Lady Jane, so keep an eye on this innovative niche in Denver. ![endif]--

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4. B&GC

[endif]--What is more unique than a bar you can only find with the help of a golden buzzer at a secret entrance? Boys and Girls Club is a 40’s themed speakeasy in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. The location remains a secret. The only way to gain entrance is to make a reservation via text then follow the directions. B&GC has the authenticity of a genuine speakeasy from the post WWII décor and exclusive entrance to the swanky bartenders and old-timey cocktails. For Brandy lovers, the “Jack Rose” is a winner with apple brandy, lime, and grenadine. If Brandy isn’t a first choice, the “House Martini Service” is a wise go-to order. The martini service offers a choice of either gin or vodka with a house vermouth blend, lemon saline, olive oil, and Castelvetrano olives. Once this hidden gem is found, G&BC takes its patrons to a time of American celebration when Humphrey Bogart was a silver screen star and the martinis were flowing. ![endif]--

Photo Courtesy: Bar Car

5.Bar Car

[endif]--East Denver is overcome by dive bars, but none have an aesthetic comparable to Bar Car. Located on 8th and Colorado, this unique bar stands out from the others with its touches of old-timey railroad inspiration and the best happy hour special in the metro area. From the outside this spot looks like a normal brick building but inside it is adorned with old-style décor, vintage oil paintings and a dark wooden bar with ornate detailing. The cocktails range from $7 to $10.50 including margaritas, bloody marys, and old fashions. On Mondays, the canned beers get as low as $4 each. Every day of the week there are specials ranging from $2 off a beer and shot combination as well as $3 mystery shots. This bar is laid-back with its easy-going bartenders, simple menu selections, and comical regulars. The environment at Bar Car is perfect for grabbing a couple drinks before a show at the Bluebird Theater. ![endif]--

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