"Stalking Dead": Season 9 Premier Preview- The End of Rick Grimes, The End of TWD?

We all know, well should know by now if you don’t live under a rock, that this next season of The Walking Dead will be the end of Rick Grimes’ character. Thus ending Andrew Lincoln’s tie with the show as well. Lincoln said at San Diego Comic Con a couple months ago that “I’ll always have a relationship with this show” Umm what? What does that mean for the show and it’s fans? Will Rick have special appearances? We won’t know until maybe next season (if there is a next season), but our guess is that may be the case.

So what does this mean for season 9? Yes, there is a lot more questions than there is answers at this pint and we hope next season changes this. I think it means the end of The Walking Dead, period. Yes, I said it and you read it here first! I mean the show has been centered around Rick since season one, and here we are eight years later and Andrew Lincoln has confirmed he’s leaving, this a season after his son in the show, Carl (COORALL!), was killed off in a very sad, emotional way. By the end of this season, there will be no more family members of the Grimes’, Lori, Carl and now Rick. I say this will be the last season, trust me I hope I’m wrong, because who are they going to center the show around? Maggie? I’m not sure of that because there are reports, although not confirmed, that Lauren Cohan is also leaving the show at some point this season. Also, as reported by our own Chad Foster, that Tom Payne’s character Paul “Jesus” Monroe will also be leaving the show. UGH right?!

My personal guess after hearing Rick was leaving the show would have been the show centering around Maggie Greene, because she has become a leader of the Hilltop and a very strong, bad ass character. Not to mention she is the widow of another shy turned bad ass character Glen. But with the news that Maggie is leaving, my guess for the new “star” of the show is leaving, who would the powers that be turn to? Maybe everyone’s guess would be Daryl. And he would be a very logical choice. But as much as Daryl is powerful through his actions, and maybe he has a few standout moments talking to others, but I don’t think he possesses the vocal leadership like a Rick or Maggie or even the late Glen.

As the cliché always goes, “time will tell” While that statement remains true in almost all guessing games. We are officially one week away from the season premiere. And there is obviously more question than there are answers, except one and that is we know for sure Rick is leaving, but how? And who will take over if the Maggie and Jesus rumors are true as well? Yes, I’ll say it, time will tell. Also, don’t forget to tune into “The Stalking Dead” live every Sunday evening at 6 mountain time before each new episode!

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