Visions From the Throne: The Perfect Music Blend

When I think of the perfect artist there is one artist that comes to mind instantly. His name is Michael Jackson; you have to remember that Michael Jackson had his childhood stolen from him in a very public way when he was only 5 years old. That fact automatically made him different by default. He was born to be a music genius because unlike today he didn’t have everyone on social media feeding him opinions on how to guide his career. I wonder how artist today feel about this fact because social media influences everything now. When you look at the current generation of artist that constantly use social media they use it as a promotional tool that can either give them negative or positive reactions among the fans but either way they get their music played at the clubs.

I take a look at Chris Brown and Soulja Boy because the two of them are embroiled in a social media altercation that has now landed them in a future celebrity boxing match. These two are used to making music but now that music is getting played all over because everyone that is a fan of the culture is talking about it. For example in my book Soulja Boy hasn’t had a hit since his 2007 hit song ”Crank Dat Superman” at the time it propelled him to superstar stardom, but that was it. That was almost 10 years ago! But just recently I went to the club and that song was playing like it just came out. It amazes me how social marketing has took over advertising, I wonder how Michael Jackson would’ve used it. But he would have to consider all the Backlash that comes with it. Personal business is constantly being released like Chris Brown and his scandals and just to think what we would've learned if Michael as able to be alive see the technology craze of today.

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