April 22, 2016

I love the Chicago Blackhawks.  I have for a long time.  I love the sound of “Chelsea Dagger” every time someone wearing the greatest jersey in sports puts a puck in the net.  I love a lot of things about this team and the city they play in. 

                I don’t love it when players act how they did on April 19, 2016.  A critical game in a title defense season showed some uncharacteristically confusing things...

May 2, 2015

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration for the upcoming sporting events this weekend. It might even be way over the top but this may be the most jam packed few days in my sports filled life.

The weeks of the NFL Divisional and Conference Playoffs are in the conversation each and every year but that’s still only one sport (albeit the most popular one). This first weekend of May isn’t about just one sport but rather seven from all ove...

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