Elijah was born in Cary, North Carolina and is the youngest of ten children having five older sisters and four older brothers.  He moved to Denver, Colorado from Raleigh, North Carolina at the age of eight with his older sister. Over time, he dreamed of always being a professional athlete and from a young age, had played organized sports from basketball to football, soccer and rugby.  While attracting interest from professional rugby clubs around America and overseas, he currently plays for Regis University, the Glendale Merlins and in the California Rugby League.



Elijah is also a graduate from Aurora Central High School and the Colorado Media School. Outside of rugby, podcasting has been his place of peace, and debating sports with friends as a stress reliever. There the Breakdown began, starting off as a stand alone show back in January of 2019, from there he looked for something more, thus in July he joined Elevation 5280 Sports taking the Breakdown with him and adding the panel a few of his good friends. 


He looks forward to growing the show and growing himself into a great career in sports broadcasting.

Name: Elijah Tchilembe
Place of Birth: Cary, North Carolina
Height: 5'9"
Age: 33
Position: Host- "The Breakdown"
Bats: R
Throws: R