Player Safety: Who should be Held Accountable?

The NFL is back! Football is back! As a lifelong fan of the support, this is a joyous occasion and reason to celebrate. At least, it should be reason to celebrate. With the NFL season, and the excitement that comes with it, comes the misery of dealing with “those fans” that like to constantly complain about the NFL and its operations. These “fans” claim to be diehard fans, and yet, all they do is complain about everything the NFL does and every decision they make. Right on schedule, these “fans” have started their complaining immediately following the first game of the season. This complaining is not new. It concerns an issue that the complainers like to bring up at least once a year

The Fantasy of Football

The first weekend of regular season football since 2015 is now upon us. A lot has happened in the past few months but it always amazes me how special the NFL is to sports fans. Obviously fans have their favorite teams they cheer on regardless, but with the explosion of fantasy football, and especially daily fantasy football sites, the excitement has grown significantly over the past 10 years. Similar to how much the growth of the NFL can be attributed to Vegas betting lines, much of the recent growth can almost exclusively be correlated to the growth of Fantasy Football games. Many industry experts place the net worth of the Fantasy Football industry somewhere in the area of 3-5 billion. Yes

The Book of Siemian

Here’s the thing…. Yes, the Broncos drafted a young, very talented QB to be their key future franchise player. Guess what? The key word is future. Meaning not now and also meaning not guaranteed. Nothing in the future is guaranteed and I think we can all agree on that point. states the definition of the word “future” as “a condition, especially of success OR failure, to come.” First round talent, as we will later discuss, in no way dictates that a player is going to perform at “X” high of a level. It in no way guarantees or can really even be used as a predictor of whether or not a player is going to succeed in the NFL. For as many great first round players there have been, th

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