They are who we thought they were! The Denver Broncos could be great.

By Kevin Gillikin October 8, 2014 I’m not talking about a 1990’s Bear’s team or the epic rant from head coach Dennis Green but rather using his words towards the 2014 Denver Broncos. They are a 3-1 team that hasn’t had a ton of love from their fan base despite only losing one game to the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks. A fan base including a contrite but still somewhat skeptical blogger/uber fan….me. We have all screamed and cried for the heads of the coaching staff after a lackluster 2-1 start to the season for the Broncos but the team silenced many of it’s critics after a clobbering of the solid Arizona team this last Sunday. A Cardinal team that came into Mile High undefeated and

2014 NFL First Quarter Power Rankings

By The Caveman October 1, 2014 One quarter of this season is in the books. A lot of changes have been made from the pre-season rankings, and now we have a pretty good idea who are contenders and who are failsauce. 32. Oakland Raiders (0-4) – Wow. This team sucks so much. They just fired head coach Dennis Allen, but even Vince Lombardi couldn’t win here. Rookie QB Derek Carr was a lone bright-ish spot, but he may be out a while with a knee injury. If I could feel bad for the dirty silver and black, I would. This team has a very good chance of going 0-16. 31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4) – At this point, even Kevin has to admit that this team is total crap. This supposedly solid defense has give

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