Never too Early to Over-Hype the Denver Broncos

By Kevin Gillikin August 18, 2014 Preseason is all about practice, conditioning and seeing what five or six players will impress the coaches enough to earn their way onto the 53 man roster. The scores don’t matter, wins and losses don’t mean crap and there should be zero excitement following a blowout win against a quality NFL team. That’s at least what most people will tell you. I’m not one of those stupid sport’s pundits tries to suck all the fun out of anything and everything that’s not the Superbowl. Preseason IS a glorified practice but it means something and occasionally it shows a lot about one or both teams that face off on the preseason gridiron. The Broncos against 49ers was one of

2014 Denver Broncos- season Predictions

By Kevin Gillikin August 17, 2014 It’s that time of year again. The Broncos aren’t even halfway through the pre-season, and already fools like me are trying to predict the season’s outcome. It’s an exercise in futility, and yet… My prediction last year wasn’t all that horrible: I had the Broncos going 13-3, with losses to the Patriots and Chargers. Meh, that was probably just luck. Speaking of luck, here it goes: Week 1: vs. Indiannapolis Colts Andrew Luck is really good. Peyton Manning is better. Denver’s team is better than the Indy’s at every position. The Broncos cruise. WIN (1-0) Week 2: vs. Kansas City Chiefs The Chiefs will not be the same team they were last year. They still may go a

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