6:00-7:00pm (MST)

7:00-8:00pm (MST)


Matt covers the Denver sports landscape as well as the entire sports world, all while wearing shorts. Matt's Info & Bio

with Matt Mascarenas

Sport Shorts


While Zack & Luke specialize in a lot, the best is sports talk. They cover everything from soccer to hockey to frisbee golf. 

with Zack Nazarenus & Luke Harrison

Chalk Talk


6:00-7:00pm (MST)

The Red Corner Logo v2.jpg

Jump in the ring with Tanner in one of our two shows all about the fighting world. But keep your dukes up as it's full of very insightful shots.

Tanner's Bio & Info

with Tanner Fuj

The Red Corner


6:00-7:00pm (MST)


As referenced on the Monday tab, this is the second of two of this show of the same name. William will also try and win you money with football picks!

with William Beran



6:00-7:00pm (MST)


King Mania breaks the trend of sports on our network as brings you entertainment from all angles- music, movies, tv and world news. 

Listen to his new album "The Vision" streaming now on Spotify & iTunes.

King Mania's Bio & Info

with Dale "King Mania" Adade

For The Culture

7:00-8:00pm (MST)

8:00-9:00pm (MST)


Elijah & The Gang take you down the streets of every hot topic in sports. Spiced up with their awesome opinions and takes.

Elijah's Bio & Info

with Elijah & The Gang

The Breakdown


Join the first (and best) all women sports talk show around! These lovely ladies take you around the sports world as well as touching back home here in Denver.

with Ana, Callie & Chantal

Sports N' Skirts


This is Elevation's first all-bball show, and of course the best. This team will walk you around the league every week (not like LeBron) & give you the best info, stats & fantasy advice.

with Ana, Kemaje, Ricky & Joe

The Backboard


6:00-7:00pm (MST)

7:00-8:00pm (MST)


Our Friday Fight-Night show does not disappoint! Matt takes you around the MMA & the pro wrestling rings with the best cards of the week and insider news you won't get anywhere else.

with Matt Mascarenas



Troy (old man) & Kevin (youngster) come at you with their college & pro football knowledge from different generations, you'll love the different perspectives.

with Troy Robert & Kevin Cunningham

Talking Sports with The Youngster & Old Man


8:00-10:00am (MST)


Wake up with Matt & Michael helping you get ready for your sports Sunday. They take you throughout the world of sports from MMA to the PGA tour and literally everything in between. Also, see who they dub the best players to wear the number of the day in "This Date in Jerseys"!

Matt's Bio & Info

Michael's Bio & Info

with Matt Mascarenas & Michael Spillan

The Wheelhouse

Talent Lineup